Woman posts photos of cheating husband all over Walmart for revenge

Woman posts photos of cheating husband all over Walmart for revenge

Revenge is a dish best served … at Walmart?

Beverly Rolston, 45, of Middletown, Ohio, seemed to think so.

Police were called to the Walmart store on Nov. 23 of last year when Rolston was caught posting photos of a woman and a man engaging in sexual intercourse.

The man in the photos was none other than her husband, who was supposedly having a year-long affair with her friend, who was an employee at the Middletown Walmart location.

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Talk about a stab in the back!

But Rolston wasn’t going to take this ultimate betrayal lying down.

She decided it was best to post the photos, with the phrase, “Hide your husbands” all over the store.

According to police, the photos were posted in plain sight throughout the store along with a very vulgar memo that police refused to disclose.

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While Walmart was slashing prices, Rolston was slashing reputations and Walmart surveillance videos caught her vicious revenge on camera.

After admitting to posting the photos, Rolston was charged with one count of pandering obscenities. Her case remains in Middletown Municipal Court where she has pleaded, not guilty.

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