Elementary kids turn to Indiegogo to raise money for a school librarian

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good NewsAugust 15, 2014

"Help us bring back our school library!"

Grade 2 students Josephine Sinclair and Sarai Williams want their school to have a library.

Due to changes in their district, what was once the school library at Willow Creek Academy in Sausalito, California, is now just a room with empty shelves. With their "Dr. Seuss Wants You!" Indiegogo campaign, the young students are hoping to change that.

"Our parents have tried fundraising, but frankly they aren't very good at it. So, we thought we'd reach out to you for help," they wrote.

They listed what they're raising money for:

• A Librarian (Yipes! School starts in September!)
• Grade-appropriate literacy resources and reference titles
• Technology to help us become information literate in the 21st century
• Programs to support a love of learning for us and a generation of kids who will enjoy our library

The youngsters and their parents have collected "tons" of donated books and even picked out a "wonderful librarian" who is available to start this year if they can raise the funds to pay her.

The girls hope to raise $20,000 by September "to support the salary of a part-time librarian, computers and technology, and the purchase of grade-specific literacy materials and resources."

So far, they've raised $2,420.

In all, the cost of restoring the school library is estimated at $54,000, some of which will come from annual parent donations.

With a cute video pitch, it's hard to imagine the students not meeting their goal. Follow their fundraising adventure here.