#LoveFromSudan: A Love Letter to South Sudan

South Sudan, the world's newest nation, received its first love letter this week — from Sudan.

"So here, to a new beginning. May you learn from our mistakes and may we learn from ours," writes Mo Elzubeir, the video's creator, on his blog.

He initiated the #LoveFromSudan project out of his heartache for the division of his nation and his excitement for South Sudan's newfound independence.

"We are heartbroken because a part of us, a culture, a people, many peoples, have gone their own way.

But the truth is, I have nothing but love for the people of South Sudan. I wish them the best in their new nation. I wish for them to prosper and cherish the freedom they have fought and struggled for."

He compiled best wishes from his Sudanese blog readers into the touching video above.