Quadriplegic springer spaniel learns to walk again

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Good News

Sammi, a springer spaniel, was a happy, active dog when a bone growing inside his spinal column started putting pressure on his spinal cord. He started to limp. Then he started falling down.

The 8-year-old canine was suddenly a quadriplegic.

Despite surgery — surgeons were unable to remove the excess bone — Sammi was left unable to walk or hold his head up.

Enter intense daily rehabilitation at California Animal Rehabilitation (C.A.R.E.):

The official testimonial press release details Sammi's treatment:

"After three months of daily rehabilitation to strengthen his core muscles, including electronic stimulation, electro-acupuncture, assisted standing in the underwater treadmill, and sensory rehabilitation over a therapy ball, Sammi was able to master sitting up from a down position. Treatment was continued to pattern his legs to walk again, while constantly fighting them, as they were stiff and rigid from his neurological condition."

And then he took his first steps.

Watch his owner see a determined Sammi walk for the first time after three months of rehab. (Grab a Kleenex first.)

Today, Sammi can run, jump, and swim just as he did before the paralysis.