Wheelchair is no barrier for this Osheaga fan

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The crowd cheers as a man in a wheelchair crowdsurfs his way on to the stage at Osheaga. (Photo credit: YouTube)

This past weekend, the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival wrapped up its 10th year at the Jean Drapeau Park in Montreal.

The huge Canadian festival is known to attract some big artists and a full crowd. But this year, it captured the hearts of many with one beautiful moment.

During the Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros set, a young man in a wheelchair was called up to the stage while crowd surfing.

A video capturing the moment was uploaded onto Facebook by Canadian musician Jason Bajada.

“This had me in tears. One of the most beautiful moments I have had the chance to witness. Faith in humanity restored,” wrote Bajada.

The Sunday evening performance was sold-out with more than 40,000 people in attendance, according to CBC.

While lead singer Alex Ebert was heard whistling his next song, the wheelchair-bound man was lifted by the crowd and brought over to the stage. The singer then heads over to the security barrier to help out.

Once over the barrier, the crowd of 40,000 is heard cheering and clapping while Ebert introduces the young man and his friend as “Frank and Vince.” He then invites the pair up onto the stage.

As he continues singing “If I Were Free,” Ebert pauses to take a selfie with the group and spent the rest of his set by the man. 

The heart-warming video has received close to 400,000 views. 

Many on Twitter are calling it the greatest moment during the festival.

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