‘The Outsiders’ Reunite! Ralph Macchio and Matt Dillon Party 30 Years Later

‘The Outsiders’ Reunite! Ralph Macchio and Matt Dillon Party 30 Years Later

Johnny Cade and Dallas "Dally" Winston from "The Outsiders" are at it again!

It's been nearly 30 years since Matt Dillon and Ralph Macchio starred in the popular greasers flick, but the two were finally reunited Monday night at the New York City premiere of "Girl Most Likely."

Dillon stars in the upcoming comedy, but Macchio attended the event in support of his 21-year-old daughter, Julia Macchio, who is making her big screen debut.

Since their memorable roles in the 1983 flick, "The Outsiders," both handsome stars have had quite different career paths. While Dillon has gone on to star in many box office hits like "There's Something Like Mary" and the Oscar-Winning "Crash," Macchio became internationally known after his role in "The Karate Kid" just a year after "The Outsiders" launched him into total teen idol fandom. "My Cousin Vinny" followed in 1992, and, while he had mostly cameos and supporting roles in mid-90's, the actor made a comeback when he appeared on "Ugly Betty" and later as a contestant on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

Check out the video to see more of the dynamic duo's reunion, and be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on television tonight for all the latest in entertainment news.

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