Canadian election 2019: Who do you least want to win?

With days to go before the 2019 federal election, 4.7 million Canadians have already voted in advance polls, a significantly higher figure than in 2015 which saw 3.6 million Canadians vote in advance.

The willingness to head to the polls early could indicate many have made up their minds already on which party to vote for.

A Yahoo Canada online survey found 58 per cent of readers are planning to vote Conservative, which strongly contrasts with general public opinion polls for all of Canada, which indicates about 32 per cent plan to vote Tory.

The Yahoo survey saw 22 per cent say they support the Liberal Party (30 per cent support in national polls), 8 per cent NDP support (19 per cent nationally), 4 per cent for the Green Party (8.3 per cent nationally), 6 per cent for the People’s Party (2.6 per cent nationally), one per cent for the Block (7 per cent nationally).

But even if you know who you want to be prime minister, who would you absolutely hate to see in the role?

Many seem to have strong opinions about which leader they like the least.

“Scheer could be our own Trump...that’s too much of a risk for me,” wrote one Facebook commenter.

“It’s been a very negative four years under Trudeau. God help us all,” said another.

“So he can make poutine...but can he govern a country? Just saying...” wrote one commenter in response to Jagmeet Singh’s Punjabi poutine cooking video.

So who do you least want to see as prime minister? Vote in the poll above and share your thoughts in the comments.

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