Cardi B's Pigtails and Glasses Are Practically Screaming “Did I Do That?”

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If Cardi B crashed through the door of the Winslow home in this look, I would be zero percent surprised. For a recent performance at Coney Island, the star channeled the eternal icon Steve Urkel of Family Matters fame in geek-chic pigtails and oversized glasses.

Cardi is currently loving all things ribbons and bows and this pretty-in-pink style is the latest addition to her bow era. She took the coquette aesthetic one step further for the Coney Island show with her ribbon-laden pigtails and glasses combo, adding in a white Oxford shirt, sweater vest, and miniskirt for the ultimate stereotypical movie nerd homage, but with a Cardi twist. The rapper's hair was parted very deeply to one side across her forehead and pulled into two long pigtails. Pale pink bows were tied at the top and bottom and matching baby pink lace ribbons were wrapped around and around each section, covering most of her hair.

<h1 class="title">Cardi B Pigtails Glasses</h1><cite class="credit">Getty Images</cite>

Cardi B Pigtails Glasses

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We rarely see Cardi B in glasses, but she should definitely wear them more because they're so cute on her! The star chose an oversized pair of charcoal gray frames to match her icy contacts and silver chrome manicure and wore thick, full lashes underneath. Glam-wise, the star kept it pretty simple with just a touch of subtle satiny pink lip gloss.

Prior to the pigtails, Cardi covered her hair in dozens of small, multicolored bows all the way down past her hips, matching the bows to her argyle socks. She also added a sweet white bow to a high ponytail, pairing it with another pleated miniskirt and knee socks. Last year, there were rumors that Cardi would be taking on the role of a modern Fran Fine in a reboot of The Nanny, but if they ever decide to give Family Matters the 2024 treatment, you know who to call for a cute cameo.

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