CF-188 Hornet finds a new home at Cold Lake Air Force Museum

Wanda Stacey, the curator at the Cold Lake Air Force Museum, shared insights into the jet's history and significance, stating, "CF-188733 was taken on strength in 1985 with 410 Squadron in Cold Lake and served with various squadrons, including deployments in Solingen, Germany, and Doha, Qatar." She emphasized its role in Op Allied Force in the Balkans in 1999, showcasing its versatility and operational impact.

Stacey noted the jet's transition to a training aid in 2003 due to heat damage, culminating in its final move to the Cold Lake Air Force Museum on May 8.

"The addition of CF-188733 to our museum not only commemorates its service but also honours the dedication of those involved in its preservation," said Stacey, expressing gratitude for the collaborative effort that made the jet's relocation possible.

Chantel Downes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Lakeland This Week