Cherry Grove Pier to finish repairs, fully reopen this summer. Here is what we know.

The Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach is expected to completely reopen in July.

In a Facebook comment, the pier said it plans to open the end of the pier on July 9. Part of the pier reopened in March but around a third of the pier needed more repairs. The end has been blocked off for construction.

There will be fireworks on July 4, according to the Cherry Grove Pier Facebook page.

Cherry Grove Pier has been closed, either entirely or partially, since the fall of 2022 when Hurricane Ian broke off a section of the pier. The hurricane brought over $13 million in damages to North Myrtle Beach, The Sun News reported.

Manager Edgar Stephens originally said he hoped it could open in fall 2023, but after finding more damage than expected, that date was pushed back to spring 2024.