Chris Hayes challenges Tucker Carlson to resign over Fox News's vaccine mandate

Chris Hayes called out Tucker Carlson during Wednesday's All In With Chris Hayes. Hayes pointed out that Carlson has been a vocal opponent to vaccine mandates, both in the private and public sectors, while also adhering to his own company’s policies. Carlson has bashed mandates as “tyrannical” and referred to President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate as “a form of sadomasochism,” which Hayes found ironic.

“The Fox News vaccine requirement is stricter than the one proposed by President Joe Biden and described as ‘tyranny’ and ‘creeping communism,’” Hayes said.

Over the past several months, Carlson and other Fox News personalities have interviewed and championed several people who have lost or quit their jobs as a result of vaccine mandates from their employers. After briefly exploring this trend, Hayes issued a challenge to his cable news rival.

“If you truly believe you are suffering under the ‘sadomasochistic heel’ of an employer,” Hayes said, “even if they are paying you lots and lots of money, if you don't want people to think you're a total fraud then you have to have the guts to call out Fox News or resign in protest.”

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