Christina Ricci left "dying laughing" over co-star's costume

christina ricci, chris hemsworth, auli'i cravalho, ken jeong, squad busters
Christina Ricci recalls "hilarious" co-star momentSupercell

Christina Ricci got the giggles on the set of her latest project after seeing Ken Jeong dressed as a chicken.

The duo star alongside Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth, Moana star Auli'i Cravalho and Arrested Development’s Will Arnett in a new trailer for Supercell’s party action mobile game, Squad Busters.

The advert sees the Hollywood stars play live-action versions of the characters from the game, donning comical costumes as a result.

christina ricci, chris hemsworth, auli'i cravalho, ken jeong, squad busters

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Chatting exclusively with Digital Spy, Ricci revealed she couldn’t hold back her laughter when she saw her co-stars in costume for the first time.

"It was hilarious," the Wednesday star exclaimed. "We all kind of showed up the first day and everybody gradually made their way to set. When everybody sort of convened and all of us were dressed, each person who came was more ridiculous than the last.

"Me and Auli'i showed up first. Then Ken showed up in his chicken costume and we were all dying laughing. Then Chris shows up his barbarian outfit and everybody was dying laughing too.

"Then Will shows up in his lumberjack outfit and that was just the best. He just looked hilarious. He was the funniest."

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The Yellowjackets actor went on to explain how much fun she had filming the Squad Busters trailer, praising her co-stars for their comedic performances.

"I've always been a huge Will Arnett fan," Ricci revealed. "So, it was really fun to work with him, Ken, Chris and Auli’i.

"Just to be around with how hilarious those guys are was really fun. We just cracked up the entire three days [of filming]."

chris hemsworth, ken jeong, auli'i cravalho, christina ricci, squad busters

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The new mobile game features characters from across the Supercell universe and enables players to take part in 10-person multiplayer matches.

Reacting to the new commercial, several fans have shared hopes for a movie based on the game characters – something Ricci is all for.

"It would be so fun to do this movie," she enthused. "Not only do we have this amazing cast, but we had such an incredible director Jody [Hill] - he's so talented. It'd be amazing if all of us did a movie."

Squad Busters is available for download now for fans across the world with iOS and Android devices.

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