Coronation Street star explains why Kit framed Nathan

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street newcomer Jacob Roberts has explained why his character Kit framed villain Nathan Curtis.

Following the long-running mystery of Lauren Bolton's disappearance, Bethany Platt's groomer Nathan was spotted back in Weatherfield.

After his taunting of Bethany and her family, Sarah finally had enough of Nathan and decided to plant Lauren's hair bobble in his van. She was stopped by detective Kit, who later planted the evidence in Nathan's van, leading to Nathan's arrest for murder.

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Fans wondered if Kit was covering up for Joel Deering who, in a shock twist, was revealed to be the actual culprit. However, Roberts thinks his reason was more altruistic.

"I think everything Kit does is justified for him," he told Inside Soap. "With the Nathan stuff, he's done it because he doesn't want anyone like Nathan on the streets. He's thinking, 'well he needs to be locked up.'"

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He added: "And he's confident in his own abilities and he wants to reach the top, so he'll do everything he can to get there – whether that's getting under DS Swain's skin or trying to manipulate certain situations for himself..."

Elsewhere in the interview, Roberts teased an even colder side to Kit, after his heartbreak with his estranged mum Bernie.

Talking about his favourite scene so far, he shared: "I like the stuff where Kit shows a bit of a vicious side, and he tries to hurt Bernie like she hurt Kit. But those scenes haven't come out yet..."

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