Coronation Street star Lisa George on the impact of eye condition

Coronation Street star Lisa George has spoken out about the impact of her eye condition.

The actor, who plays Beth Sutherland on the soap, was recently diagnosed with NAION (non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy) in her left eye after realising she was losing sight in it in 2022, having previously lost a lot of vision in her right due to an accident.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Lisa opened up about her condition and how it's changed her life.

"My doctor was dead straight with me," she said. "She said that I would never get my full sight back. The damage was done and I had to live with it.

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"When it first happened I was so petrified but I can't worry about what could or couldn't happen, it's no way to live. I've just got to get on with it. I've accepted what has happened. I've got my glasses and have my varifocal glasses for driving now too."

As far as her job goes, the actor explained that: "Corrie were brilliant and said, 'don't worry we will help you with everything you need.' My biggest worry was the night shoots.

"I struggled to see the edge of the pavement during one shoot, but they've all been really helpful, making sure I'm okay. You've got to deal with it the best way you can. Another time, because I have no sight in the peripheral of my left eye, I was working on a scene and I had to come down the fake stairs but I couldn't see.

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"I asked the director if it was okay to change the direction of the scene because I was having a real problem with the stairs, he was great and we changed it around. They have been so supportive in making these little adjustments for me.

"But I'll still miss a curb, and if there's any darkness I'll trip over a cable! I do it at home all the time, bumping into different things. The worst thing is when I'm tired. And when I first wake up in the morning it takes me a little while to get proper vision."

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Lisa also spoke about how her friend, Paralympian Libby Clegg, who is registered blind, has supported her during this transitional phase of her life.

"She's been really inspirational," Lisa said. "I rang her because I was so upset. She said 'you've just got to learn how to adjust to things.' She was just wonderful. She introduced me to the visually impaired charity that she works for."

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