Dakota Johnson Tells ‘D*ck Pic’ Story While Trying To Hold Her Dress Up


Dakota Johnson, Madame Web star and apparently Jimmy Kimmel’s next-door neighbor, suffered an annoying wardrobe malfunction on his show this week.

Before informing Kimmel that she was beginning construction on her house after he’d just complimented her on being such a “quiet” neighbor, Johnson also tried her hand at guessing “Who’s High?” with three strangers on the street. She later sat while Kimmel played a clip of her upcoming film with Sean Penn, Daddio. By the time the clip was over, something had gone wrong on stage.

“Dakota, your dress just came unhooked—you alright?” Kimmel laughed, “Should I get some Scotch tape?” Johnson tried messing around with it to get to hold up, but quickly realized it wouldn’t be an easy fix. “I’ll just hold it,” she said.

“It seems to be hanging in alright,” Kimmel said, moving the conversation along as Johnson struggled with the dainty shoulder strap while it continued to fall.

As Kimmel hyped the new film in which Johnson stars alongside Sean Penn, the actress first awkwardly attempted to hold the dress up with her hand to keep from exposing herself. She then tried to relax her hand to see if it would hold up but had to keep looking down from the conversation to check on whether it had slipped down.

“Hold the important part,” Kimmel laughed, as Johnson held two palms to her bosom: “The movie is really good,” she said.

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They went on to discuss where the “dick pic” in the film comes from, and Johnson explained how the film’s prop master assembled the prop privates for the film—as the mic pinned to her lapsing shoulder strap continued to drag it down. She eventually let out an annoyed “Geez.”

“When we were casting the dick pic, there’s not really a back stock of penis photos that are usable in movies,” she said, so “Our amazing props master Diana Burton, who is a woman in her 60s, had a group of her male friends just anonymously send in photos to her.”

She said they narrowed the anonymous penis photos down to two, and “really studied them,” she continued, “The four of us, just like four women [saying], ‘This one’s nice, that one’s not great.’”

Even as she finished the funny story, Johnson continued to hold her dress up—finally getting to the end, when she must have been relieved to relax her arm.

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