David Boreanaz Teases Plan to Extend His 27-Year Employment Streak After SEAL Team Ends

No grass grows beneath David Boreanaz’s feet.

With SEAL Team‘s seventh and final season looming on the horizon (a late-summer premiere date is rumored but is by no means official), Boreanaz aka Bravo 1 already is forming a plan to extend his impressive af, 27-year employment streak.

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To recap, Boreanaz has very consistently lived inside your TV box since his March 1997 debut on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Specifically, as once chronicled by TVLine, the 16-month stretch between Buffy offshoot Angel‘s May 2004 series finale and Bones‘ Sept. 2005 launch represents the longest period of time that Boreanaz has been without a hit series in the past 27 years.

How might he keep that streak alive?

SEAL Team Final Season Date
SEAL Team Final Season Date

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Boreanaz, who wrapped filming on SEAL Team‘s swan song just weeks ago, shared at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival (per Variety) that he is currently developing a series that he would write and produce, as well as star in. Asked for any details on this prospective SEAL Team follow-up, Boreanaz said, “I am watching a lot of The Sopranos right now.”

Boreanaz, though, said that the project he is developing is not about organized crime, adding, “You know what, I love suits, I love style, I love cars.”

Back during SEAL Team’s freshman run, TVLine asked Boreanaz about his “hot streak” and work ethic.

“To be honest with you, I like work,” he explained. “I was brought up in an Italian family and was always working. I started in the sixth, seventh grade working at the farmer’s market or selling trees during Christmastime, or being in construction in high school… My mentality ticks towards work; I don’t idle very well. And when I think of taking some time off… I don’t know what that would be like. Maybe that’s something I have to meditate on, because I really love working and I love the creative process.

“And I value being an executive producer on shows, and working as a director. It’s a triple threat for me,” he added. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on that people aren’t aware of, so for me there’s more than just ‘hitting a mark,’ and I pride myself in that. Being able to deconstruct scripts, rewrite dialogue, bring ideas to the table that are actually going into the storyline… what makes sense and what doesn’t…. Whether it’s producing or acting or directing, I love all of it.”

So if not a mob drama, what sort of show/role do you think Boreanaz has cooking?

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