Democrats to virtually nominate Biden for Nov. 5 ballot inclusion

The Democratic National Committee announced a virtual nomination June 4 to ensure President Joe Biden qualifies for the Ohio general election ballot. Photo by Bonnie Cash/UPI

May 28 (UPI) -- A virtual nomination will ensure President Joe Biden will appear on Ohio's Nov. 5 general election ballot, the Democratic National Committee announced Tuesday.

The DNC will hold a virtual roll call vote ahead of its national convention scheduled Aug. 19-22 at the United Center in Chicago to ensure Biden meets Ohio's Aug. 7 deadline for inclusion on the November general election's ballot.

President Joe Biden won't qualify for Ohio's Nov. 5general election ballot due Democratic National Committee occurring two weeks after the Ohio ballot deadline.

The DNC decided on a June 4 vote to allow a virtual nomination for Biden, which also was done in 2020.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is a Republican and told the Ohio Legislature to hold a special session to adjust the deadline for the ballot-inclusion deadline.

The state's Republican lawmakers have a supermajority in the House and Senate and refused to move the deadline unless a campaign finance reform measure banning contributions from foreign donors was part of the package.

Many of the Ohio House and Senate GOP members are in districts where voters might punish them at the ballot by helping Biden qualify for the Ohio ballot.

RealClear Polling shows GOP presumptive nominee and former President Donald Trump with a 10-point lead over Biden in Ohio and Trump leading Biden by 1.1 points in national polling.