'Deranged': Critics React To Trump's 'Fat Pig' Rally Rant

In his first campaign rally since the presidential debate, Donald Trump went on a bizarre tangent that left critics disgusted and questioning his fitness for office.

Speaking at his Doral golf club in Florida, the former president was discussing his campaign pledge to tipped workers when he began sharing an anecdote about a waitress he said he met in Nevada.

“A waitress came over, beautiful waitress — and I never liked talking about physical — she’s beautiful inside, because you never talk about a person’s look. Ever,” said Trump, who has called women “fat,” “disgusting” and “unsexy,” among other misogynistic attacks, over the decades.

He then launched into a backhanded attack on former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), a Trump ally turned critic who went up against the former president in the presidential primaries.

“The other day, I got very angry,” Trump continued. “Some man called Chris Christie fat. And I said, ‘Sir.’ And then he said he was a pig. I said, ‘Sir! Chris Christie is not a fat pig!’ Please remember he is not a fat pig. Please take it back.”

Trump has previously mocked Christie’s weight.

At a rally in New Hampshire in August, he said Christie was off “eating right now” before pointing into the crowd and saying, “Sir, please do not call him a fat pig.”

Christie, at the time, invited Trump to “say it to my face.”

Trump’s Doral rally contained multiple eyebrow-raising moments where he trailed off, rambled incoherently and blatantly lied.

The Biden campaign called the appearance “deranged.” President Joe Biden has consumed the spotlight since his fumbling debate performance and has faced calls to step aside.

“Imagine if Joe Biden said whatever tf Trump is saying here,” conservative attorney George Conway said on social media of the “fat pig” sidebar.

“Deranged. Utterly unfit for office,” the Republicans Against Trump group posted.

Virgin Islands Del. Stacey Plaskett (D) wrote, “Somebody anybody in the news!!! Are you going to report on this?!?! Does this sound normal? And this is EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS.”

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