Disabled parents allowed to keep newborn son

Maricyl Palisoc and Charles Wilton with their son William.

Disabled parents from Mississauga, Ont., will be allowed to keep their newborn son.

At a meeting Friday between the parents and the Peel Children's Aid Society, the CAS relented, saying it would allow the couple to continue to care for their three-week old son.

The parents were fighting to keep their child after social workers threatened to take the boy away unless he receives round-the-clock care from an "able-bodied attendant."

Child welfare authorities were concerned about the ability of the baby's parents, Maricyl Palisoc and her partner, Charles Wilton to take care of him.

Both parents have cerebral palsy, a disorder that limits their motor skills and slurs their speech, but has no effect on their cognitive abilities.

After several hours of discussions — including input from advocacy groups for the disabled — the CAS said it would not pursue removing the child from his parents.

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