Don’t let these 3 hidden June streaming TV shows fly under your radar

Julia Torres from Fantasmas looking over a mosaic glass barrier.
Julia Torres from Fantasmas looking over a mosaic glass barrier.

June is pretty chocked full of great TV shows, including high-profile new ones like Star Wars: The Acolyte and popular returning shows like The Boys, House of the Dragon, and The Bear. Because of this, there are some lesser-known TV show gems debuting this month that you might not even know about.

Once you blaze your way through the episodes of the top shows this month, or while you wait a week for the next episode to be released, don’t let these three hidden June streaming TV shows fly under your radar.

Fantasmas (2024)

Fantasmas | Official Trailer | Max

Follow writer, comedian, and actor Julio Torres, known for his work behind the scenes on Saturday Night Live and as co-creator of the HBO series Los Espookys, on a peculiar journey through an alternate version of New York City. Torres not only stars as a fictional version of himself in Fantasmas but he also created, directed, and wrote the comedy.

The oddball story is about his quest to find a missing golden oyster earring and all the weird characters he meets along the way. The show counts actors like Paul Dano, Jaboukie Young-White, and Steve Buscemi among its guest stars with appearances from Julia Fox, Emma Stone, Bowen Yang, and others as well.

Early reviews for the already released first few episodes are positive. Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times praises how the many stories told in different genres, from horror to film noir and traditional TV comedy, all come together in some way by the end. Arizona Republic’s Bill Goodykoontz says the show is perfect for those who complain that there’s nothing different on TV anymore. “It’s a kaleidoscope,” he describes, “of ideas, whims, and notions.”

Stream Fantasmas on Max.

My Lady Jane (2024)

My Lady Jane | Official Trailer | Prime Video

If you’re missing shows like Dickinson, My Lady Jane might be the perfect replacement. The British series is about Lady Jane Grey (Emily Bader), a young woman living in the 16th century who embarks on a thrilling adventure filled with romance and the fulfillment of her dreams. Based on the book of the same name, it’s an alternate retelling of English royal history. Instead of Grey, the great-granddaughter of King Henry VII, being charged and killed shortly after taking the throne, she survives and thrives, taking the bull by the horns and doing things her way.

Joining Bader are well-known names, including Edward Bluemel (Killing Eve), who plays Lord Guildford Dudley, and Dominic Cooper (Preacher) as Lord Seymour. If you love alternate retellings of history that push the envelope, My Lady Jane takes tragedy and flips it on its head. You’ll get a good idea of the tone from the first 15 seconds of the trailer. “History remembers Jane as the ultimate damsel in distress,” the voiceover advises, “known for her death rather than her life. F**k that.”

Stream My Lady Jane on Amazon Prime Video.

Hotel Cocaine (2024)

Hotel Cocaine (MGM+ 2024 Series) Official Trailer

Remember Michael Chiklis from The Shield? He’s back in Hotel Cocaine, a crime thriller from the co-creator of Narcos and Godfather of Harlem that tells the story of Roman Compte (Danny Pino), a Cuban expatriate known for fighting against Fidel Castro during the Bay of Pigs invasion. After these events, he moves to Miami where he runs the Mutiny Hotel, which also happens to be the center of the cocaine scene.

Set in the late ’70s and early ’80s disco era and told over eight episodes, Hotel Cocaine showcases the juxtaposition between the glitz and glamor of the time and the dark criminal underworld. Everyone from businessmen to politicians, models, sports stars, and musicians visit the lavish establishment to immerse themselves in the lifestyle while CIA and FBI agents keep a close watch. Chiklis’ character is Agent Zulio, a man determined to shut down the drug trade, once and for all, and willing to do whatever it takes to get it done.

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