Donald Trump: Immunity ruling, Biden clash and 'hush money' sentence - upcoming key dates for ex-president

Donald Trump's criminal conviction - for falsifying business records to cover up a hush money payment to a porn star - is historic.

But it doesn't bar him from running for president again.

With the US election less than six months away, here are the key dates as he pushes on with his bid to regain the White House.

Expected in next few weeks - Supreme Court to rule on immunity

Trump claims former presidents have immunity from prosecution over acts committed while in office - which one district judge described as a "lifelong 'get-out-of-jail-free' pass".

America's top court is set to rule on this soon.

It could have major implications as Trump still faces three other criminal cases, including two related to efforts to overturn his defeat in the 2020 election and a third focused on him keeping secret government documents at his Florida estate.

It's also a major ruling constitutionally for the US.

27 June - First head-to-head with Biden

The opening debate between Trump and rival Joe Biden of this year's election campaign takes place at CNN's Atlanta studios.

For the first time, it will happen without an audience after the Biden team raised concerns over people disrupting the back and forth.

Tens of millions of people are set to tune in and the Democrat president is almost certain to seize on Trump's conviction and other legal woes.

Those three criminal cases are progressing very slowly as the ex-president tries to delay them until after the election.

None currently have trial dates scheduled and look unlikely to begin before November.

11 July - Trump sentenced for hush money case

While a prison sentence of up to four years is possible, it's believed Trump will avoid jail as his conviction is a fairly minor one and he has no previous criminal record.

A fine or probation is a more realistic scenario.

The sentencing is likely to place in the same Manhattan court where the trial took place.

15-18 July - Republicans confirm Trump as nominee

The Republican Party holds its national convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and will officially confirm Trump as their presidential candidate.

It's already a foregone conclusion after Trump's success in winning delegates in state primary elections earlier this year.

The vice-presidential nominee will also be chosen, though it's currently unclear who it will be.

10 September - Trump v Biden round two

Trump takes on Biden for a second time in a debate hosted by ABC News as the election campaign ratchets up with less than two months to go.

The location - and whether this one will have a studio audience - are still to be confirmed.

16 September - Third potential head-to-head with Biden

The candidates could face off again in the first of three 90-minute events planned by the Commission on Presidential Debates - the traditional organiser of these showdowns.

However, their participation is unconfirmed as both have raised concerns about the timing, saying it takes place after people in some states can vote early.

5 November - US election day

Voters go to the polls to choose their president.

It remains to be seen if - and to what extent - Donald Trump's conviction will affect his chances.

His claim the trial was a political conspiracy could galvanise supporters and other sympathetic to him, but polls indicate it will go down badly with independent voters.