EastEnders airs two big returns for Keanu’s funeral in early iPlayer release

EastEnders spoilers follow from Thursday’s episode (June 13), which is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now and hasn’t yet aired on BBC One.

EastEnders has aired not one but two big returns on the day of Keanu Taylor’s funeral in the show’s latest episode.

Sharon prepared to pay her respects to Keanu, armed with his work overalls and Albie’s drawing to put in the coffin.

However, she was soon accosted in the street by Keanu’s mum Karen, who had returned for the funeral, on screen for the first time since her exit in February.

sharon watts, eastenders

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Karen blamed Sharon for Keanu’s death, saying that if she hadn’t have jilted him at the altar, he wouldn’t have been killed by Dean hours later, and told her to stay away from the funeral.

Karen spoke to Kat and explained that Mitch hadn’t returned with her, as he thought something might happen to Bailey. Kat asked if she could come to the funeral, and Karen was grateful for her support.

Meanwhile, Kathy and Linda decided to hold a memorial for Keanu at The Arches, allowing Sharon to say goodbye in her own way.

But this wasn’t enough for Sharon, and she approached Karen in The Vic asking to be able to grieve for Keanu.

karen taylor, sharon watts, eastenders

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Karen didn’t change her mind, and hurled insults at Sharon, with their tiff getting physical before they were pulled apart by Kat.

Having overheard Sharon talking about her guilt, Kat persuaded Karen to allow her to go to the funeral – and Karen and Sharon comforted one another with a hug.

As Karen broke down in front of the hearse before heading to the funeral, The Six ladies waited back at Albert Square, full of guilt.

Back at The Vic, Karen and Sharon reminisced about Keanu together, but when Karen noticed a look between Sharon and Linda, she began asking questions about why Dean murdered him.

karen taylor, sharon watts, eastenders

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While The Six sat relieved that they were in the clear now Keanu had been cremated, Karen arrived at the prison and came face to face with Dean.

Dean confirmed to Karen that he didn’t kill Keanu and told her that Linda is lying about him being at the scene of the crime.

"She’s a basket case," he said. "You’ll see it in her eyes. And I think you believe me."

Will Karen investigate further?

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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