How to make easy & tasty beef chili

Hello friends! Today's recipe is a tasty and very fast beef chili, ideal for saving dinner and making your guests happy. This is a complete and healthy dish, you can eat it guilt-free !!! Try this fantastic recipe and let me know in the comments if you liked it. Have a nice day, my friends! The koala chef approves !!! You can support me here: Ingredients: 1 onion 350 grams of minced beef 1 eggplant 250 grams of canned beans (one can) 400 grams of canned peeled tomatoes (one can) a chilli a pinch of salt a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil a few basil leaves cooking time: in a pan 20 minutes Recipe difficulty: 7/10 STEPS: Hello friends! If you like spicy this is the recipe for you! Try it !!! Start by cutting an onion into small cubes Also cut an eggplant into cubes Grease a pan with a drizzle of oil Then pour the onions and diced eggplant into the pan Let it brown for a few minutes Then add 350 grams of ground beef Divide it with a spoon Cook the meat Add plenty of salt Mix Add the chilli and mix Cook for a few minutes Season with a few basil leaves Cook and mix Also add the red beans (one can, about 250 grams) Then add 200 grams of tomato sauce Cook and mix Finally add a glass of water Cook until the water is used up The chili is ready! Eat and enjoy!!! Please help me grow the channel, like and subscribe for new spicy recipes like this one !!!

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