'This would be good for the Democrats, and give them a better chance of winning'

 A man walks past the United Center scoreboard displaying the logo for the 2024 Democratic National Convention.
Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

'Why I want an open convention'

Bill Maher at The New York Times 

Last week's debate "wasn't a tragedy, it was a blessing in disguise," says Bill Maher. "Far from being some kind of disaster for the Democratic Party," replacing President Joe Biden as the candidate "plays right into what works best in 21st-century American culture. Americans like new." Democrats "could not buy" the "enthusiasm, engagement and interest they would get from having an open convention — and in Chicago no less, famous for Democratic convention drama."

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'Blood in the EV supply chain'

Michelle Chen at The Nation 

The world needs a "decarbonized auto industry if we are to have a sustainable future," but the "production of electric vehicles is still causing massive environmental and social damage in both the Global South and the United States," says Michelle Chen. The "breakneck extraction of nickel in the Global South is ravaging communities and Indigenous lifeways." And the "global market for green cars will keep relying on minerals extracted from poorer, less-regulated countries."

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'Biden should withdraw, and so should Trump'

Ted Van Dyk at The Wall Street Journal 

"I believe Mr. Biden will withdraw," says Ted Van Dyk. If he does, voters "inevitably will ask: If he is withdrawing, why not Mr. Trump?" The former president "seems wholly focused and determined in his campaign. That could change if key media and Republican leaders suggest that with Mr. Biden gone, there is no practical need for Mr. Trump to run." The country "needs a fresh start after years of anger and polarization."

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'If you were relieved by the Supreme Court's abortion rulings this term, think again'

Mary Ziegler at the Los Angeles Times 

The Supreme Court temporarily protected emergency abortion access in Idaho, and it "may seem at first that abortion supporters should be happy," says Mary Ziegler. But the "truth is that the court's Idaho ruling is its own kind of disaster." It will increase the confusion and chaos women face when they need an emergency termination in states that ban all or most abortions." Americans shouldn't "expect the Supreme Court to come to the rescue of women."

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