Greg Fertuck's latest applications at 1st degree murder trial collapse under questioning by judge

A sketch of Greg Fertuck appearing in Court of King's Bench in Saskatoon on Feb. 20, 2024.

Greg Fertuck's latest applications at his 1st degree murder trial collapsed Monday in Saskatoon under quizzing by Justice Richard Danyliuk.

Fertuck, who is representing himself, had indicated he wanted to re-open the trial to call a firearms expert, and also apply for a mistrial. He is accused of killing his estranged wife Sheree in December 2015. The trial began in Sept. 2021 at Court of King's Bench.

Danyliuk arranged for Fertuck to appear Monday — five days from when the decision is scheduled in the long-running murder trial — to explain the latest applications.

"I didn't really want a mistrial," Fertuck said.

"That was a mistake on my part."

Fertuck said he had seen a news story in May about a national ballistics laboratory opening at the Saskatoon police building. He said that he wanted someone at the lab to analyze the rifle that the Crown believes was used to shoot Sheree.

Fertuck believes that there should be more rust on the rifle, given that it supposedly spent six years hidden underneath a granary.

Danyliuk questioned why a public agency should do the work when Fertuck had the financial means, and the opportunity, to hire a private expert six months ago. Fertuck said he was unaware that he had access to the money to pay for an expert.

Saskatoon lawyer Blaine Beaven is counsel for the Saskatchewan Firearms Office. He spoke briefly in court, explaining that the lab is not set-up to take work from private individuals and that it only does work for law enforcement. Further, its staff are not equipped to do rust analysis on a weapon's metal parts.

Fertuck then tried to withdraw the applications.

"It's before the court," Danyliuk said.

"You're getting a ruling whether you want one or not."

His written decision will come Wednesday.

The decision on the 1st degree murder charge is still scheduled for Friday.