From Highway 1 to Madison Square Garden: Alberta trumpet soloist to play the Big Apple

Acclaimed trumpet soloist records tributes to 3 legendary Albertans

The professional trumpet soloist who serenaded motorists stranded on the Trans-Canada during a snow storm earlier this month is set to play Madison Square Garden this weekend.

Jens Lindemann will play both the Canadian and U.S. national anthems ahead of Sunday's game between the New York Rangers and Calgary Flames.

He played the anthems in New York ahead of a game once before — more than three years ago — making him the first trumpet player ever to do it.

He says it's tough to describe what it's like to play in such an iconic venue.

"There's a profound reality when you get to do something as important as playing the national anthem for any country," he said.

"And certainly, the solemnity that goes with the moment when 20,000 people within the building, and millions of others that are watching on television, you get to capture their attention for 90 seconds. And that is a responsibility that I take very, very seriously."

Getting to play MSG a second time is a dream come true for Lindemann.

"I'm a little old Alberta boy who is living the dream this weekend, getting to play at a hockey game, both national anthems," he said. "I mean, c'mon, we all know to be a Canadian you can't get to own a passport unless you can prove that you also own a hockey stick. We are living the dream right now."

The opportunity came about in the summer, while Lindemann was at a fundraiser at the Banff Centre.

Rangers president — and former Edmonton Oilers coach and general manager — Glen Sather was there too, so Lindemann made a pitch, and Sather was receptive.

The Flames face the Rangers at 5 p.m. MT.