Hollyoaks' Kitty Draper plans exit after mystery character arrives

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Kitty Draper will consider leaving Hollyoaks following a mysterious character's arrival.

Earlier this year, the newcomer arrived in the middle of a dramatic road crash stunt where viewers saw her steal the identity of a woman who'd died.

Kitty has since desperately tried to fit into this dead woman's life, including trying to take on her job as a trainee nurse at the Dee Valley University Hospital.

In upcoming scenes, Kitty's secret past may catch up with her when a mysterious person starts secretly observing her.

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To start the week, Kitty is involved in the planning for Pride with the village committee, alongside Ro Lomax and his father Tony Hutchinson.

Tony's decision to support Ro frustrates Hollyoaks High headteacher Carter Shepherd, who has been trying to promote anti-LGBTQ+ conversion therapy through his church.

When Carter misgenders Ro, the teen confides in Kitty about his teacher's cruelty. This leads to a heated confrontation where Kitty calls out Carter's transphobia.

However, Kitty soon has troubles of her own to deal with when she sees Carter's preacher Declan Hawthorne in the village.

Later in the week, it's tense at The Dog when Ro asks to stay home from school on the day of Tony's licensing hearing. Kitty tries to keep herself out of Tony and Diane's way on the stressful day.

kitty draper in hollyoaks
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Kitty's run-in with Declan leaves her fearful and she eventually makes plans to flee Hollyoaks. She ends up running into Freddie Roscoe and opens up about why she needs to run away.

The pair have no idea that someone has been watching their entire conversation from a few metres away…

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Selected omnibus episodes are available via Prime Video.

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