‘Hot Ones’ and ‘Chicken Shop Date’ Hosts Sean Evans and Amelia Dimoldenberg Tease Crossover: ‘Well This Is Never Gonna Work’ (Video)

The spiciest collaboration of chicken talk show hosts is close at hand.

In the typical fashion of “Hot Ones,” the show with spicy questions and even spicier wings, host Sean Evans posted a clip of him sitting down opposite the “hot seat” with the signature buffalo wing sauces lined up.

“Chicken Shop Date” host Amelia Dimoldenberg sits opposite him in said hot seat.

Simultaneously, Evans says “Well, this is never gonna work” while Dimoldenberg says “This will never work out.”

The post’s caption reads “It’s happening.. @chickenshopdate x @hotones”

“Hot Ones” began in March 2015 as a YouTube web series hosted by Sean Evans, whose sharp, detailed questions have surprised all kinds of celebrity guests that he has since interviewed. The show aims to break down said guests by having them eat increasingly spicier hot wings as they answer a series of questions. The gauntlet of wings involves ten hot sauces, all building up to the eighth — Da Bomb Beyond Insanity — and a question that corresponds to each wing.

Currently in its 21st season, “Hot Ones” has pivoted to featuring musical guests and talk show hosts since the actors are still on strike until SAG-AFTRA negotiates a fair deal with the AMPTP. Recent guests include Tony Hawk, Doja Cat, Cardi B, Bobby Flay and all five members of NSYNC.

Dimoldenberg started “Chicken Shop Date” in 2011 as a column for youth magazine the Cut. She aimed to interview United Kingdom grime and rap musicians she was a fan of.

“It’s like my dating life is ‘Chicken Shop Date,’ basically,” she told the Washington Post in a zoom interview after the journalist pointed out her McDonald’s take away bag. “I don’t see why I couldn’t maybe meet the love of my life on the show. It would just be meeting someone in the office, except mine is a chicken shop.”

The video version of the journalistic segment has since taken off, with Dimoldenberg actually taking stars like Phoebe Bridgers, Rosalia and British rapper Central Cee out on dates to eat chicken while she interviews them. Full-on date style, the questions range, and the show can be awkward. Dimoldenberg’s YouTube channel now has over 1.7 million subscribers who tune in for “Chicken Shop Date.”

“I honestly had never been on a date,” she told. “Maybe that’s why it’s so awkward, the show. Because it kind of came from a place where I’d never been on a date before.”

Dimoldenberg’s 2023 Golden Globes interview of Andrew Garfield, in which she also flirted with the actor, went viral for their crackling red carpet chemistry

The full crossover interview between the two prominent chicken-centered parts of the press cycle launches later this week, so prepare your tastebuds for a fiery episode!

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