This HP Victus gaming PC is over $500 off today

The HP Victus 15L gaming PC on a desk.

If you want a gaming PC but don’t want to face the often exorbitant costs or the hassle of building one yourself, you need to check out this deal on the Victus by HP 15L. A deal bringing its price down by more than $500 places it firmly in the rare good gaming PC under $1,000 category. Well, at least for a limited time. To check out the Victus by HP 15L, which is currently down to $880 from $1,400 (a savings of $520), just tap the button below. Alternatively, keep reading to get the stats and the details.


Why you should buy the Victus by HP 15L

The Victus by HP 15L is a solidly built desktop with a 13th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a full terabyte of HDD storage, and 512GB of SSD storage. For gaming, you’ll also appreciate the RTX 3060. This is a solid machine, capable of playing nearly all of the best PC games of 2024, and will hold you for years to come, playing games of the year 2024 and beyond. The Victus by HP 15L comes with a month of Xbox Game Pass to get you started, as well.

Do looks matter in gaming now? It can be contentious. In any event, the appearance of the Victus by HP 15L is, nonetheless, noticeable. It has a crisp look with easily identifiable ports along the the front and less glowing RGB lights than what you might expect from a gaming rig in 2024. In fact, the ceramic white metal coloration appears crisp and clean and, if you’re not the type that wants to peer inside your desktop’s guts, spectating a slow accumulation of dust over time to RGB rave lights, this is the desktop look for you. It’s a moderate gamer’s gamestation.

To grab your Victus by HP 15L at a price of just $880, $520 down from the usual $1,400, just tap the button below. If you’re not sold, however, be sure to check out these gaming laptop deals as well. While typically more expensive (even after deals) than this desktop, you just might appreciate the ability to haul them wherever your heart desires.