Idaho primary is just around the corner in May. Get out and vote | Opinion


The other day, I happened to notice a yard sign. It read simply, “May Matters.” I thought it was a real estate sign. Then I started seeing several signs for candidates in the upcoming primary. Then the words finally hit home — “May Matters”!

Of course May matters. It is our only real chance to pick who is going to represent us.

I’ve been shouting for years that elections are won or lost in the primaries. Only 15 to 20% of the registered voters even turn out in the primaries. That tiny percentage of voters has determined the outcome in every election in Idaho for well over a decade. Only those voters that are truly motivated show up at the polls.

Become a participant in our society and vote! Become one of the people that enables all women control of their bodies. Be a voter that says no to the extremists and yes to education and access to health care. So yes, May matters. Get out and vote.

Gil Beyer, Sandpoint


It is a pleasure to write this endorsement of Sen. Chuck Winder to continue as the senator from District 20. I would have to think long and hard to find another legislator who has impacted Idaho like Chuck Winder. Chuck is one of the very few individuals who maintains his right to an opinion once elected. He speaks his mind on important issues without holding a finger to the winds to see if his opinion will cost him a vote. Thank God for that! He maintains decorum in a Senate chamber with several members who feel being a senator is their right to criticize others without consequence. Chuck considers the needs of his constituents before his own, something very rare in Republican party politics these days. One of my fondest political memories is that of knocking on doors with Chuck in minus-20-degree weather to remove school board members that we felt were bad for the community. He listens actively to everyone who will reach out to him. He realizes that his constituents number more than just the folks that voted for him. His opponent doesn’t. Please remember that when you cast your votes.

Kent Goldthorpe, Meridian


We need better representation. Legislative District 10, is not being represented by our current senator, Tammy Nichols. Tammy Nichols’ representation in District 10 does not reflect our community. Her voting record is anti-education, against proper funding for roads, and shockingly votes against the Idaho State Police. Please, look into her record. Nichols has consistently voted against the police, prisons, schools, veteran benefits and agriculture. I have met with a strong and honest, locally funded conservative candidate, Lori Bishop. Lori recognizes the need to better represent District 10 in the Idaho Legislature. Nichols operates on out-of- state money that accommodates non-Idaho values. Look up her voting record and compare that with the needs and values in District 10. I choose to support a senator who represents District 10 and what’s best for Idaho. If you support the Idaho Freedom Foundation, crazy far right conspiracy theories, weaker police, prisons, schools, and are anti-veteran support, then I suggest you are out of touch with the Idaho citizens and the so-called “Idaho way.” I’m not some left-leaning liberal, I’m a native Idahoan, and I’m a registered Republican. Lori Bishop deserves all our District 10 votes!

Tom C. Farley, Star


Well folks here we go again, a local state representative from district 12B is targeting our hard-working folks again. First, he was targeting our local librarians with heavy fines and possible prison time. Now he is targeting the folks who put food on your table. I’m talking about folks who work for our local Ag farmers, local dairy farmers, and local meat processing folks. They already have dangerous working conditions, and severe long hours in the worst part of our hot summer to bring food to our kitchen tables. Do you really want to continue down this path of this extremist targeting hard working folks who only want to help our families grow in both reading a good book and having good meals? If you’re like me, I think it’s time for a change, come this November you will have another choice for your local state representative.

Don Benson, Nampa


I am writing from the West Bonner school district as a parent that went through a horrible experience, and that experience was Branden Durst. He is the worst leader for anything he runs for. He gouged our district when he negotiated his salary and his contract. He did not consider the taxpayers or parents when he accepted compensation that was fully funded from our tax dollars. He asked for free lunches from our schools when most of our children can’t even get free lunches. He also asked for a vehicle and paid gas, among other outlandish things. He tells you what you think you want to hear. Do not vote for Durst.

Tiff Simpkins, Priest River


As someone deeply invested in our community, I am proud to offer my wholehearted endorsement for Lori Bishop in the upcoming election.

Lori understands that investing in our schools means investing in our future. She has proven herself to be a true champion for our students and teachers alike. Her track record of community engagement and collaborative leadership speaks volumes about her ability to effect positive change. She doesn’t just talk the talk; she rolls up her sleeves and works tirelessly to make our community a better place for all its residents.

Beyond her passion for education, Lori possesses the rare quality of level-headedness that is lacking in today’s political arena. She approaches issues with thoughtfulness, pragmatism, and a willingness to listen to all perspectives

Lori embodies the values of integrity, compassion, and progress. I am confident that with her in office, our community will flourish, our schools will thrive, and our future will be brighter than ever before.

I urge my fellow citizens to join me in voting for Lori Bishop on May 21.

Bryan Swygart, Middleton