Idle No More day of action includes Regina, Saskatoon

Hundreds of people in Saskatoon and Regina took part in events connected with the Idle No More movement Wednesday.

In Saskatoon a group of people organized a Round Dance in the city's downtown at the intersection of 20th Street and Idylwyld Drive.

In Regina, a Reconciliation Ride and Walk was organized by the Treaty 4 Grass Roots Movement.

Participants, also supporters of the Idle No More message, marched along Albert Street to the provincial legislature.

"I want everyone to get along," Bonnie Desjarlais, one of the marchers, told CBC News Wednesday. "I want the misconception that we don't work .... to stop, and everyone to stand together. Because we're all human. We all bleed red."

People were also keen to explain how the Idle No More message is relevant to everyone.

"No longer should the government be able to pass bills that endanger the long term sustainability of this land," Tanya Dahms, who joined the march, told CBC News. She was referring to the federal government's omnibus Bill C-45. That legislation has been the focus of attention for how it affects environmental protections.

At one point the participants stopped on Regina's Albert Street bridge and began a Round Dance.

While traffic was delayed at times, police were on hand to ensure the marchers were safe. Some traffic was also diverted from along marchers' route.

The march ended at the legislature with another dance.

Shawna Oochoo, one of the organizers of the Treaty 4 Grassroots Movement, said the march helps to emphasize the importance of the issues being raised.

"Just to educate the community through demonstrations," Oochoo said. "We're still going strong and that the momentum is still here."

Across Canada, thousands of people took part in different events, also associated with Idle No More, in what was described as a National Day of Action.

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