Incumbent Camuel wins handily in KY House District 93 race over challenger Ritter

State Rep. Adrielle Camuel, D-Lexington, convincingly defeated challenger Sarah Ritter in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for Kentucky House District 93, , according to unofficial results.

Camuel received approximately 73% of the 2,735 casted votes, handily beating Ritter 1,985 to 750, according to the Secretary of State’s unofficial results. Camuel also received approximately 74% of the absentee ballots cast.

No Republican filed to run in the district this year, meaning Camuel will retain her seat in the state House of Representatives.

Camuel said she was speechless and honored shortly after the results came out.

“I was so proud of the race we ran and I’m so thankful for all the people that I’ve gotten to meet along the way, just through doors that we’ve knocked,” Camuel said.

Camuel also congratulated Ritter on her campaign.

“One of the hardest things to do is put your name on a ballot so I really want to congratulate her on working as hard as she did,” Camuel said.

Ritter wasn’t immediately available for comment after the results came out.

Camuel has been serving the 93rd District since 2023 when she won a special election as a first-time candidate. The special election was called after Rep. Lamin Swann died while in office in May 2023.

Camuel is a former administrative specialist for Fayette County Public Schools. She previously said her experiences have helped her understand the struggles people of all ages in the 93rd District face.

Camuel said she and her team knocked on roughly 10,000 peoples’ doors during the campaign. She gave a lot of credit to her team.

“I do have the most incredible team in the state of Kentucky and I’ll put my team up against anybody,” Camuel said.

Camuel previously said the three issues she’s most focused on next term are ensuring access to comprehensive health care, including reproductive choices and elder care services; addressing the challenge of affordable housing, and protecting and adequately funding public education, including universal preschool.

Camuel believes she and other representatives can work together to help constituents in the 93rd District.

“I’m really excited to have the opportunity to have a full-term and just to keep continuing the work we started this past session,” Camuel said.

The southern Fayette County district includes several neighborhoods along Tates Creek Road. It leans heavily Democratic, as voters in that area voted for President Joe Biden by 17 points over Donald Trump in 2020.

Camuel received the Herald-Leader’s endorsement for the election.

Voter turnout in Fayette County was 13.34% in the primary election, according to the Secretary of State’s unofficial results. Camuel said she was thankful for the voters who went out and voted Tuesday.

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