Irish Wish: Lindsay Lohan is 'so proud' siblings Dakota Lohan, Aliana Lohan are involved in new Netflix movie

Lohan and costar Ayesha Curry talk about the physical comedy in their new movie and brinding their real friendship to the screen

Following her hit holiday movie Falling For Christmas on Netflix, Lindsay Lohan took her rom-com skills to Ireland, continuing the Lohan renaissance (or "Lohanissance") with Irish Wish, with costars Ed Speleers, Ayesha Curry, Alexander Vlahos, Elizabeth Tan and Jane Seymour.

Irish Wish release date: March 15
Where to watch Irish Wish: Netflix
Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Ed Speleers, Ayesha Curry, Alexander Vlahos, Elizabeth Tan and Jane Seymour
Director: Janeen Damian
Runtime: 93 minutes

What is 'Irish Wish' about?

Maddie (Lohan) is book editor working with writer Paul Kennedy (Vlahos), who just released a new book. But Maddie has a secret: She has a crush on Paul. Actually, not just a crush, she thinks he's her true love.

Speaking to her mom Rosemary (Seymour) on the phone during his book launch event, Maddie decides she's going to tell him how she feels.

All good plans hit some snags and in this case, it's pretty significant. Maddie invited her friend Heather (Curry) and Emma (Tan) to Paul's event, and he starts to really hit it off with Emma.

Fast forward and Paul and Emma are getting married, with Maddie and Heather travelling with them to Ireland, where Paul is from, for the ceremony. So not only does Maddie have strong feelings for Paul, but now she has to watch him marry her friend.

In Ireland, things take a mystical turn when Saint Brigid (Dawn Bradfield) appears to grant Maddie one wish, which for Maddie is to marry Paul.

And just like that, Maddie and Paul are now the ones getting married, but she starts to realize that maybe they're not as compatible as she thought, while also learning more about her own self worth.

"I like the confidence that she gets throughout the movie," Lohan told Yahoo Canada.

Lindsay Lohan as Maddie Kelly in Irish Wish on Netflix (Patrick Redmond / Netflix)
Lindsay Lohan as Maddie Kelly in Irish Wish on Netflix (Patrick Redmond / Netflix)

Lindsay Lohan takes on physical comedy

If you're a fan of Lohan's extensive previous comedy work, particularly from the 2000s, we're happy to report that Irish Wish brings us back Lohan's physical comedy, in that rom-com style.

"I like doing physical comedy, when I'm allowed to like really go for it and they trust me with it, then I'm all in," Lohan said.

Opposite Lohan's physical comedy energy in Irish Wish is Curry's character Heather, very much the level-headed friend, a very needed anchor with all this magical, silly fun.

Lohan and Curry are friends off set as well. In fact, Ayesha and Stephen Curry are godparents to Lohan's son Luai, with husband Bader Shammas.

"I think our friendship made that very easy for me with this film," Curry said. "But I love that Heather kind of keeps everybody's head on straight, kind of a keep your eye on the prize type of girl."

"I was able to bring that to the table, because I feel like I'm that friend in my real life. I keep everybody going down the right path, and so in a sense that kind of mirrored my real life."

Ayesha Curry, left, Lindsay Lohan and Dakota Lohan attend a special screening of Netflix's
Ayesha Curry, left, Lindsay Lohan and Dakota Lohan attend a special screening of Netflix's "Irish Wish" at the Paris Theater on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

But watch out for Curry, because she has some truly funny quips, jabs and one-liners throughout the film, some of which she got to improvise while filming.

"That's what was so cool about working with Janeen [Damian], she gave us the freedom to do that and to kind of play around with our characters, and maybe not stick so close knit to the script," Curry said. "And then Lindsay just made me feel so comfortable on set that it gave me the ability to step out of my comfort zone and play around a little."

"It's good when you get to ad lib and you're great at it," Lohan added. "They are there though, because if you watch the movie again, you see some of the little looks and things, which are really great."

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Lindsay Lohan's 'so proud' of siblings Dakota Lohan, Aliana Lohan

Now for the observant Lohan fans, you'll notice her younger brother, Dakota Lohan, is also featured in the movie when the story gets to Ireland. He's incredibly enthusiastic in the film, and really committed to showing his dance moves.

Additionally, Aliana Lohan has two songs featured in the movie.

"I feel so happy and blessed whenever I get them involved in anything I do, especially when my sister writes songs for the movies that I do, her voice is so beautiful and I'm just so proud of her, and Dakota ... too," Lohan said.

"It was so nice to film in Ireland because we always wanted to go, we'd never been there. It's special to us, and now forever, we'll have this."

While we wait for the teased upcoming Freaky Friday sequel, Irish Wish is that perfect (kind of cheesy) rom-com primer to watch.