Inside Jeremy Clarkson's 'less than' £1m pub plans

What Clarkson has banned at his pub and the disaster he faced

Jeremy Clarkson has bought The Windmill pub. (Getty)
Jeremy Clarkson has bought The Windmill pub. (Getty)

Cheers to Jeremy Clarkson who has bought The Windmill pub in the Cotswolds for "less than" £1m.

So raise a toast to the former Grand Tour presenter who has successfully turned his hand to farming and now plans to learn the ropes of owning a pub, near Burford, Oxfordshire.

Clarkson wrote in The Sunday Times: "I just needed the pub where all this could happen. And then, after I'd looked at about 14,000, I found just the place." He joked he couldn't snap up the local pub because the "locals would set fire to me".

The Windmill announced it was under "new ownership" on 4 June this year. Clarkson will be hosting a wedding reception in weeks to come. It's not been without its teething problems though, including a famous dogging site.

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Diddly Squat Farm shop got huge queues so we are expecting to see big interest in Clarkson's pub. Here's everything we know, including what's banned.

Clarkson offered less than £1m for the pub within minutes

The Windmill is in Asthall, a small village in the Cotswolds. (Google Maps)
The Windmill is in Asthall, a small village in the Cotswolds. (Google Maps)

Jackie Walker, who opened the pub in 1983, was taken back when Clarkson offered her less than £1m within minutes of their meeting. She told The Daily Mail: "A film crew had come into the pub and the next thing I knew someone with Clarkson knocked on the door and asked if I was interested in selling."

In fact, the first thing Clarkson told her was: "I suppose you want a lot of money for this." But the pub landlady said it made her laugh.

The 79-year-old added: "I assume he will make a TV series out of it. I really do hope that he can make a big success of the place and restore it back to how it was. My husband and I had so much fun running it."

Inside Jeremy Clarkson's 'less than' £1million pub plans
Inside Jeremy Clarkson's 'less than' £1m pub plans. (Getty)

Clarkson's friends have joked his decision to buy a pub was even more "daft" than taking on Diddly Squat farm. They mocked him with Clarkson quoting them saying: "Owning a pub these days is even more daft than owning a farm. What’s next? You buying a cinema?" Criticism only seems to spur him on though.

Once the deal was struck, unfortunately for Clarkson he then learned his new pub was near a dogging site. The TV star shared his shock at making the discovery and how he quickly sought the help of the council.

He wrote in the column: "So I did a deal and then discovered that there was a famous dogging site in the area. Photographs from inside the nearby lavatories showed holes in the cubicle walls, strong pornography on the floor."

Clarkson's battle with the council has played out in Clarkson's farm so he wasn't expecting to get any help when he come to them about the dogging site. However, he said the council helped close it down.

He added: "So I went to see West Oxfordshire District Council, expecting no help at all, and, blow me down, it was very happy to close the dogging site. So I was in business. My dream would become a reality."

Now that it's become a reality, Clarkson has great visions for the pub. As a grandfather, the presenter wants it to be a place he'd love to spend time with his granddaughter for Sunday lunch.

Additionally, the former Top Gear star set out he would love to have a fun atmosphere with customers enjoying a garden as well as bar billiards and darts.

So what's banned? Clarkson has ruled out noisy televisions and confusing toilet signs. Plus he said fruit machines have no place in his pub.

Clarkson loves having animals on Diddly Squat Farm. (Prime Video)
Clarkson loves having animals on Diddly Squat Farm. (Prime Video)

It won't come as a surprise that Clarkson plans to serve up British-grown food at the pub. No doubt his Oxfordshire farm will be able to supply some of the food, as well as the neighbouring farms.

As well as food, Clarkson has turned his hand to making Hawkstone lager using ingredients grown on Diddly Squat farm. His farm manager Kaleb Cooper has produced Hawkstone cider. Proving it's success, Clarkson’s Hawkstone listed as one of UK’s fastest-growing companies in The Times.

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Like with the farm, his Hawkstone Brewery hasn't been without disasters. Clarkson had to warn customers about the "serious" incident after the cider turned into "hand grenades". The glass bottles exploded due to a micro-organism in the white sediment of the bottle continuing to ferment in it. It played out in Clarkson's Farm series three.

Clarkson's Farm has been a huge success. (Prime Video)
Clarkson's Farm has been a huge success. (Prime Video)

As Clarkson's Farm series four filming is under way, it's expected the pub will feature in the next instalment of the hit Prime Video show. Clarkson revealed the next series will all be filmed this year, hinting that the release date could be in 2025 on the streaming service.

His long-time girlfriend Lisa Hogan has shared the special reason they want to continue filming Clarkson's Farm. She said: "As long as it's educating people, and showing people how difficult farming is, and it's helping people appreciate food in a way that they may not have before. Maybe people will pop their bread in the freezer instead of throwing it out when they see how much work goes into making a loaf of bread."

Clarkson's Farm is streaming on Prime Video.