Jesse Watters’ Movie Metaphor Mix-Up For Donald Trump Deserves A Razzie

Jesse Watters was fact-checked by his own colleagues on Fox News as he complained yet again about Donald Trump having to stand trial in his hush money case.

“They trapped him in a cage. We call it a courtroom but it’s a cage and he’s like King Kong,” Watters, who often defends the four-times-indicted former president, whined on Wednesday’s episode of “The Five.”

Watters claimed the presumptive GOP presidential nominee was being treated like “a zoo creature” by reporters ― including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid ― amid the intense media coverage of the proceedings.

“And what happens with King Kong? You remember. Boom. It’s not going to be good. So he’s going to bust out of this cage eventually. They’re not going to be able to keep him down,” he added.

Co-host Harold Ford Jr., however, pointed out: “They killed King Kong.”

Fellow panelists Jeanine Pirro and Tyrus agreed as co-host Dana Perino laughed.

“I don’t think I saw the end of that movie,” Watters then admitted, before laughing at himself.

Watch the video here:

Earlier in the week, Watters claimed it is “cruel and unusual punishment” for Trump to have to attend his criminal trial.