Kelly Ripa wants naked people to cover up 'burned fruit' penises: 'Nobody needs to see it'

Ripa also revealed she doesn't want Mark Consuelos to be in their kitchen while nude, but that he "should be naked everywhere" else he goes.

Kelly Ripa does not want to see your "burned fruit" penis, thank you very much.

The Live cohost and her husband, Mark Consuelos — who regularly make a case for themselves as morning TV's horniest couple — spent around 10 minutes discussing the topic of nudity in many forms on Tuesday's broadcast, covering everything from nude beaches to nude weddings and a nude cruise.

Ripa first observed that the cruise in question required clothing at one of its indoor buffets — a police she agreed with. "I have a very strict buffet policy. What did I say? No nudity in the kitchen. I feel like that's a separation of church and state," she said, and her husband said he agreed. "We are empty nesters and I'm still like, hey, don't come into this kitchen nude."

The 53-year-old added that she's "naked half the time" as it is, but she still enjoys judging other people's decision to be nude in certain situations. Enough so, she said, that she'd like to appoint herself as "the Judge Judy of the nude cruise" and "adjudicate whether or not I find the nudity offensive" on board.

<p>ABC</p> Kelly Ripa talks nudity on 'Live With Kelly & Mark'


Kelly Ripa talks nudity on 'Live With Kelly & Mark'

After Consuelos, 53, admitted that he once took an outdoor shower while naked and thoroughly enjoyed himself, Ripa's Judge Nude-y came out in full force.

"Yeah, but you were naked outside in privacy. By the way, you should be naked everywhere you go. Some of these guys that choose to go naked, no offense, guys, but you know who you are. And, let me tell you," she said before turning to look directly into a camera that zoomed in on her face. "Some of you guys, you know who you are, should put on more clothes. Nobody needs to see it. If we think it's burned fruit..."

The audience cackled as Ripa trailed off, before Consuelos stepped in to keep the show moving in another direction.

In the year since Consuelos replaced Ryan Seacrest as Ripa's permanent Live cohost last April, the show has, at times, morphed into a comical exploration of bodies in general. The pair traded on-air foot massages that Consuelos clearly enjoyed last year, while Consuelos also stripped down to a tight wrestling singlet live on air.

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