Kellyanne Conway Teams Up With Ex-Obama Aide And People Are Pissed

Former Donald Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and former Barack Obama top aide David Plouffe have teamed up to present a new podcast called “The Campaign Managers” — and people are pissed.

Conway on Wednesday wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that the series launching on May 22 will “delve deep into the complexities of the 2024 election.”

The pair will “go beyond the headlines to dissect the latest campaign strategies, analyze the pressing issues shaping the political landscape, and share our first-hand experiences running the campaigns of history-making” candidates Trump and Obama, she said.

Plouffe, meanwhile, expressed hope on X that “listeners will gain value by hearing in one place how both sides assess the election and how the campaigns can take advantage of opportunities and mitigate challenges.”

The vast majority of commenters, however, just wanted to know why Plouffe, who managed Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, was joining forces with the Trump 2016 campaign managing purveyor of “alternative facts” who relentlessly spun Trump’s controversies throughout his presidency.