Kim Kardashian deletes latest Instagram pic following Photoshop claims

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Photo credit: Kim Kardashian, @kimkardashian - Instagram
Photo credit: Kim Kardashian, @kimkardashian - Instagram

Kim Kardashian has deleted her latest Instagram picture following Photoshop allegations from fans.

This isn't the first time Kim has been accused of an editing error, with followers recently making Photoshop claims about another of Kim's selfies posted earlier in January. Previously, fans had also suggested that the SKIMS founder's edits had resulted in her seemingly having four toes, erm, six toes, and an extra finger - and now they're back with more claims.

Kim's original post (uploaded on 26th January) saw her sharing six *stunning* bikini shots from her current beach getaway, alongside the caption, "long time no sea 🌊 🐚".

However, eagle-eyed fans have spotted that Kim later deleted one photo from the post - with the gallery now showing only five pics.

Kim's deleted photo comes after a series of editing allegations from followers surrounding the removed pic in question, mostly focusing on her right leg in the shot.

One fan on Twitter wrote, "Kim what happened to your leg?" while another hinted, "Kim, Kim, Kim... Your right leg is, uh...".

A third also shared a screenshot of Kim's deleted pic, joking, "Kim K’s leg having an absolute normal one?" Meanwhile, another also joked, "RIP Kim’s knee".

Speculating on the reason why the photo disappeared, another fan tweeted, "I can not believe #KimK has the power to delete one of her pictures of many on a post. Because it was wrongly Photoshopped!!! That picture isn’t there anymore! I want that power".

Kim hasn't directly addressed the Photoshop claims yet herself, and any image imperfections may well be down to angles or shadows.

Still, that beach? Dreamy.

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