Labour ‘leaks Rishi Sunak’s campaign diary’ in new ad attacking gaffes

The Labour Party has poked fun at Rishi Sunak’s recent gaffes in a new election advert.

Mr Sunak on Wednesday fired the starting gun for a 4 July vote - and did so while exposed to the elements on Downing Street.

The prime minister addressed the nation in the pouring rain - and it wasn’t long before the opposition party poked fun at his announcement - and a couple of campaign stops that followed one day later.

In a video titled “Leaked: Rishi Sunak’s campaign diary,” Labour referenced Mr Sunak’s No 10 speech, as well as a footballing gaffe when he met brewery staff in South Wales.

The video also points out that he was asked a question by a disguised Tory councillor at a distribution centre in Derbyshire.