Lara Flynn Boyle gave up booze and dating actors

Lara Flynn Boyle gave up booze and dating actors credit:Bang Showbiz
Lara Flynn Boyle gave up booze and dating actors credit:Bang Showbiz

Lara Flynn Boyle gave up dating actors following her high-profile romance with Jack Nicholson and quit booze five years ago.

The 'Twin Peaks' star enjoyed much-publicised relationships with her TV co-star Kyle MacLachlan as well as David Spade and Nicholson - who she dated on an off from 1999 until the early 2000s - but she's revealed she quit dating actors after splitting from 'The Shining' star.

Lara told PEOPLE magazine: "I left with a bang when it came to actors. Then I went, 'Okay, I’m done now'."

The actress - who was previously wed to John Patrick Dee in the mid-1990s - went on to settle down with real estate mogul Donald Ray Thomas. They tied the knot in Texas in 2006.

She said of her current husband: "I have a lovely marriage. We were together that night [we first met] and ever since."

Lara went on to reveal that not only did she give up dating actors, she also quit drinking alcohol five years ago after her previous party antics became a staple in the tabloids.

She insisted her wild child days naturally came to an end and she gave up booze. Lara added to PEOPLE: "Those disco boots, they’ve had their time. Some people are allergic to it; some people are un-allergic to it."

Lara also explained that despite all the attention she got at the height of her fame, she never considered walking away from Hollywood, adding: "I never wanted to bow out. Any moment I was feeling down or sorry for myself, I made sure I did not complain.

"My mom used to sometimes bring me articles about other actresses to show me I’m not the only one getting a raw deal."

She previously opened up about being a tabloid target in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year - insisting a career in the spotlight was her "choice" and she dealt with the repercussions.

She explained: "Well, it’s not always a pony in a parade, but I chose my career. I chose the highs, and I chose the lows. This career I have chosen has been kinder to me than it hasn’t.

"If I can’t roll with the bumps, then I have no business riding the roller coaster. Of course, I’m a human being and there are going to be questions that come into your head or your heart. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I have weathered the storm with a lot of negative publicity and at the end of the day, I’ll take the negative publicity and keep on rolling. It’s worth it."