Laura Ingraham Dreams of 50-Year Trumpworld Reign

Fox News
Fox News

Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Thursday excitedly envisioned an “age of Trump” that could hold the reins of government for a half-century.

In her opening monologue on the day that the former president received a hero’s welcome by the vast majority of Republicans on Capitol Hill—his first visit since the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection—Ingraham called on Republicans to admit that Trump “was right” about essentially everything.

“He was right about the economy. He was right about the courts. He was right about the border, illegal aliens, China, and U.S. trade. And he has delivered tangible results all while being hilarious and entertaining,” she gushed, before showing a TikTok of Trump with professional wrestler Logan Paul, on whose podcast he appeared.

The Trump-friendly Fox host then compared him favorably to former President Andrew Jackson’s time in office and the emergence of Jacksonian democracy.

“Historian Arthur Schlesinger dubbed these years, ‘The Age of Jackson,’” Ingraham said, referring to Schlesinger’s 1945 book by that title, for which he earned a Pulitzer Prize. “And if Trump wins, 150 years from now, this will be referred to as ‘The Age of Trump.’ He dominates the policy debate in ways that no one has done since Reagan. It’s not even close.”

A Trump re-election, Ingraham then said, would lead to a decades-long grasp on power—under the right conditions.

“If he picks a strong VP—and we have every reason to believe he will—and if this new coalition becomes a governing collision, well, it could be in power for fifty years,” she theorized. “It could end up changing the world, and—most importantly for us, our kids, our grandkids—saving America.”

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