Ontario man wins $1,225,254 lotto by choosing numbers with his eyes closed

An unconventional method really paid off for one Peterborough-resident.

"I felt numb!" said Robert Farr after the living-changing win. (Courtesy: OLG)
"I felt numb!" said Robert Farr after the living-changing win. (Courtesy: OLG)

An Ontario man’s unique approach to picking his lottery numbers just made him a whole lot richer.

Robert Farr, 53, was at a Kwik Mart in Peterborough one day when he purchased a lottery ticket and decided that he was going to pick his numbers with his eyes closed. He was surprised to learn that his unconventional method led him to a big $1,225,254.80 win in the Jan. 21, 2023, LOTTARIO draw.

“When choosing numbers, I often close my eyes and poke at my ticket with a pencil,” said Farr, while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up his winnings.

The Peterborough-resident was at the store checking his ticket numbers — 10, 13, 25, 37, 40, 41 — when he saw that he had matched all 6 out of 6 numbers in the LOTTARIO draw. He was ecstatic when he discovered he had won a life changing prize.

“The store clerk handed me a long validation slip,” said Farr. “And I thought, ‘What just happened?’ I felt numb!”

Farr says he enjoys playing most lottery games, but LOTTARIO is his favourite.

LOTTARIO launched in 1978 as Ontario’s first terminal lotto game, and takes place every Saturday. For a $1 ticket, you have two chances at winning the prize — all you have to do is pick 6 numbers in your selection slip and hope they’re the winning ones.

You can ask your lottery retailer to Quick Pick your lucky numbers for you, or you can pick your own using any method you’d like. In Farr’s case, his unconventional strategy paid off big.

Farr plans on using his wins to make a positive change in his community. He will use his winnings to help family members, donate to local charities, and contribute to his investments.

“I’m happy to be financially stable,” said Farr. “It feels very good.”

Tools to stop gambling

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