$70 million Lotto Max jackpot: Calgary man is the first person in Alberta to ever win such a massive prize

Mitchel Dyck $70 million Lotto Max winner from Calgary, Alberta (WCLC)
Mitchel Dyck $70 million Lotto Max winner from Calgary, Alberta (WCLC)

A man from Calgary, Alta., is the first person to ever win a $70 million Lotto Max jackpot in Alberta, after a record 21-draw rollover from mid-August to late October.

Mitchel Dyck usually doesn't play the lottery, but when a cashier asks if he wants a lottery ticket he "doesn’t hesitate" to say yes, which is how he got a ticket for the Oct. 21 draw.

Calgary’s newest multi-millionaire found out he won when asked a cashier to check his ticket three weeks after the draw on Nov. 7.

“I handed it to the cashier who scanned it; I thought we won $70,000!” Dyck said as he claimed his prize. “We tried to count the zeroes, but the numbers flew by quickly.”

“Then we started counting and realized it’s $70 million. I thought, ‘Is that even a thing!?’ It was just something you never expect.”

The winner said he and his family are still "adjusting" to the $70 million win, but have found a private banker to manage the funds.

"For right now it’s just going in the bank until we can make some more plans," Dyck said.

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