We love this Hisense 65-inch mini-LED TV, and it’s $100 off

Hisense U8K Review
Chris Hagan / Digital Trends

If you want a new TV, it always makes sense to take advantage of the best TV deals going on at the time. Here, we’ve found a deal where you can get $100 off of a 65-inch Hisense “ULED” TV. The TV is normally $1,000, so that makes the price $900. With this deal you also get three free months of Apple TV+ and a $50 NBA Store gift card, making it an even sweeter time to buy. To find your new Hisense TV at a discount, just tap the button below. Otherwise, continue reading for an overview of the TV’s capabilities, a peek into our review, and a better understanding of what “ULED” really means.


Why you should buy the Hisense U8K ULED TV

The first thing to note about the U8K ULED is that it is not an 8K TV, but rather a 4K. And, to quote our Hisense U8K ULED review on this not being an 8K, “that’s OK”. This is just a quirk of the model numbering system. We’re at the ‘K’s now. This is a fantastic 4K, HDR capable TV with mini-LED backlights and a peak brightness of 2,000 nits. The mini-LED format allows for precise local dimming, allowing the U8K to portray excellent shadows and sharp contrasts.

As for “ULED,” that’s just another Hisense quirk. If you prefer, you can think of the TV in the same way that you think of the best QLED TVs, which are known for having quality brightness. However, don’t completely let your experience with past QLED TVs be your guide for analyzing the Hisense U8K, our reviewer noted that there was only one other non-OLED TV in his memory at the time that could best the U8K in backlight control when it comes to black levels. In other words, if you’ve been comparing QLED vs OLED TVs and have had concerns about black levels in QLEDs, thinking of this as an “ULED” may really be best.

Should this pique your interests, you can get the 65-inch Hisense U8K ULED TV for just $900 by tapping the button below. Remember, that’s $100 off of the usual $1,000 price and you’ll get access to the best shows on Apple TV+ for three months alongside a $50 NBA Store gift card to compliment your purchase. Finally, though our reviewer found the built-in speakers of the U8K to be acceptable, you’ll still prefer listening to your TV through a soundbar. Snag one on the cheap with these soundbar deals.