Matthew Perry's personal wealth revealed

Matthew Perry's personal wealth was $1.5million at the time of his death.

The 54-year-old 'Friends' actor died from a ketamine overdose in October 2023 and he also had a $120million trust fund with his family and ex-girlfriend as beneficiaries, according to The US Sun.

The beneficiaries of the will include his father John Perry, mother Suzanne Morrison, half-sister Caitlin Morrison and ex-girlfriend Rachel Dunn, who he dated from 2003 to 2005.

Matthew made a will in in 2009, which stated he wanted to leave "a majority of his belongings" to the Alvy Singer Living Trust he created.

Lisa Ferguson, the trustee of Perry's estate, filed an inventory and appraisal document showing a balance of $1,596,914.47, which is in addition to what was already in the trust.

Legal papers showed that Matthew was very careful about who he named as his heirs.

He stated: "I have intentionally omitted from this Will and the Trust any provision for any of my heirs, issue, relatives, or other persons who are not named.

"I also intentionally do not provide for any stepchildren or foster children that I now have or may later acquire."

Matthew was unmarried and had no children when he died.

Matthew's body was found lifeless in the jacuzzi in the backyard of his Los Angeles home, with his cause of death later ruled due to the acute effects of ketamine along with drowning.

Law enforcement launched an investigation to determine where he had obtained the drug and it has been reported "multiple people" are expected to be charged in connection with his death.