Police say 'smart monkey' escapes crate at Toronto Ikea

Monkey found at a Toronto Ikea

Animal control came to collect a monkey from a Toronto Ikea store on Sunday, after the animal was spotted in the parking lot.

An Ikea spokesperson told CBC News that the monkey was first spotted in the parking lot of the Ikea store located near Leslie Street and Highway 401.

Staff at the store quickly contacted animal control, and the monkey was kept confined until animal services arrived.

Toronto Police Sgt. Ed Dzingala told CBC News that the owners, who were shopping in the store at the time, have come forward to claim the monkey.

Dzingala said that the animal was in a car in the parking lot and it somehow let itself out of its crate. "It's a smart monkey," he said.

"It must be somebody’s pet because he was wearing a jacket," the Ikea spokesperson said earlier, referring to the monkey, which was wearing a miniature, brown, shearling-type jacket.

The incident prompted the creation of at least two parody accounts on Twitter.

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