More red light cameras are coming to Windsor intersections

A sign warns drivers that a red light camera is operating at the intersection. (Chris Ensing/CBC - image credit)

City council has voted to double the number of red light cameras in Windsor.

Ten additional cameras will be added throughout the city to build on the current network of 10 cameras that have been in operation since early 2022.

City staff will review collision data and work with the Windsor Police Service to decide where the new red light cameras will be installed.

"Just because an intersection has a high incident factor doesn't mean it's an appropriate space for a camera," said director of operations Shawna Boakes.

She says they will likely be placed in areas where there's a high number of side-impact collisions.

Boakes said they'll do site visits once the locations are selected.

"I think I have a list of recommendations about a mile long right now," she said.

It will likely be January before any of the new cameras are operational.

She said that the data will likely show that the cameras should be added to the downtown core but the sites don't work because of how the infrastructure is set up.

"When you have more scattered around the city they're more likely to end up driving through one and that behaviour starts to transition to other locations as well," said Boakes.

The ticket for running a red light at one of the intersections with a camera is $325.

A report to council shows that the number of tickets has gone up year over year, with 5,318 tickets issued in 2022 and 6,141 tickets issued in 2023.

Combined, the city's net revenue totals just over $1.6 million after expenses on just over $3.7 million in tickets issued at the 10 cameras operating right now.

Here's where the initial batch of red light cameras are in Windsor that went online in 2022:

  • Wyandotte Street East at Goyeau Street.

  • Wyandotte Street at Ouellette Avenue.

  • Howard Avenue at EC Row E/B Off Ramp.

  • University Avenue West at Crawford Avenue.

  • McHugh Street at Clover Avenue.

  • Giles Boulevard at Ouellette Avenue.

  • Seminole Street at Central Avenue.

  • Erie Street East at Goyeau Street.

  • Huron Church Road at Tecumseh Road West.

  • Eugenie Street East at McDougall Avenue.

Council will need to decide what to do with the money collected from the red light cameras following a push from members of council to tie the money to traffic calming measures.

That's expected to be decided before budget deliberations.