How to get Paramount Plus and Showtime for $5 from Sling TV

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Paramount+ with Showtime has a ton of great programming that you’ll be able to enjoy, with top programming like Yellowjackets, Halo, and Bryan Cranston’s Your Honor. And today, via a Sling TV deal, you can get your first month of Paramount+ with Showtime at a discounted rate of just $5 instead of the usual $10. Just tap the button below to get started. Or, keep reading to see why you’ll probably like Paramount+ with Showtime and learn why this may not even be the best way to get a deal on the entertainment service via Sling.


Why you should try Paramount+ with Showtime via Sling

Paramount+ is a streaming service you can access from tons of devices, from your big screen TV to your iPad. Programming is constantly being updated and there are new things to watch each month. This month’s Paramount+ with Showtime additions include season 3 of Mayor of Kingstown, season 2 of Criminal Minds: Evolution, and some classic goodies like Blazing SaddlesGalaxy Quest, and Shutter Island. You can even watch some live sports on Paramount+, including some (but not all) of the NFL games, the UEFA Champions League soccer, and Europa League soccer. Overall, it is a nice and quite well-rounded entertainment package with a lot to love.

So why not get Paramount+ with Showtime with the $5 deal? Sling actually has something better. Sling promotional deals has a package where you can get AMC+, STARZ, MGM+, and Paramount+ with Showtime for free for one month as an add-on to a Sling base service. Sling is one of our favorite live TV streaming services as a result of its pared-down, reasonably-priced base services that revolve around your interests. You can get Sling Orange or Sling Blue if you’re a sports fan or a news and entertainment fan, respectively.

If you’re satisfied with Paramount+ with Showtime alone, go ahead and tap the button below, but also don’t hesitate to check out Sling promotional deals to get a whole lot more. Then, be sure to check out the best TV deals to upgrade your home entertainment system as you get ready to binge movies and shows over the next month.