Penny Oleksiak brought Olympic medals to Leafs game in a tangled mess

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When you travel with your Olympic medals, they're bound to get tangled. (@lukefoxjukebox/Twitter)
When you travel with your Olympic medals, they're bound to get tangled. (@lukefoxjukebox/Twitter)

Ever pull a pair of headphones out of your pocket only to have them tangled in a mess that takes seemingly forever to fix?

I have, and it's about as close as I can get to understanding the struggle Penny Oleksiak experienced on Wednesday night.

Like a boss, the Canadian Olympian had her medals with her while in attendance at the Toronto Maple Leafs' home opener against the Montreal Canadiens. Unfortunately, her hardware seemed to be tied in one giant knot that looked painfully difficult to unfurl.

As I mentioned, I can't really relate to the Olympic medals part of her struggle, but those headphones, let me tell you, can be a real pain.

It appears that at some point of the night, the medals were completely and impressively untangled. Leave it to an Olympian to do what looks impossible.

Oleksiak set the record at the 2020 Tokyo Games for most all-time medals won by a Canadian Olympian. The swimmer brought home three medals from Tokyo, putting her overall total at seven.

The Toronto native was probably happy to see her hometown team take down its rival, the Canadiens, 2-1 on Wednesday.

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