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Cramer’s Dairy (Episode 1)

The milkman that Jake witnesses breaking a milk bottle over and over and over again works for the same dairy that employs Spike Milligan, the psycho delivery guy from the Skeleton Crew short story, “Morning Deliveries.” As readers will recall, Milligan always left a little something extra for his clients — “extras” that include poisonous spider venom and other imbibable methods of death.

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18 Stephen King Easter Eggs We Spotted in '11.22.63'

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

If you thought that only comic book giants like Marvel and DC built shared universes for their galaxy of heroes, think again. Over the course of his multi-decade career as America’s Favorite Boogeyman, author Stephen King has carefully constructed one of the most elaborate fictional universes around. How elaborate? Let’s just say that it takes an entire flowchart to understand it all. Numerous characters, settings, and events are referenced in multiple novels and short stories, giving the impression that all of King’s stories are unfolding in the same world. 

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That’s an idea that the makers of the Hulu series, 11.22.63 — an adaptation of the author’s 2011 bestseller — picked up and ran with, embedding numerous Easter eggs to King lore throughout the eight-part series. Some of these shout-outs are gimmees, while others will challenge even the most die-hard Stephen King fan.

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With the help of showrunner, Bridget Carpenter, we’ve assembled an almost-exhaustive slideshow of all the Easter eggs hidden in 11.22.63. Have your annotated copy of The Stand handy, folks. We’re taking a deep dive into Stephen King’s Multiverse. 

11.22.63 is currently streaming on Hulu.